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Heartwood Mills Selling At Auction December 28

Boyne Falls, MI

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Debarker, Baker 3060 Band Mill handles long material

Beautiful Tongue and Groove Siding and Panel

Equipment In Operation Until December 2, 2019

True Industrial Zoning with Level One Roads

Custom Handcrafted Log Homes Since 1947


-Well established since 1947. Luxury log home and special component structure facility in Michigan. Website with exclusive plans. Class 1 road year round. 6” gas line, major industrial power

-Call Jackie, Exclusive Agent for more Details (931) 698-3342-Sales Team & Architect In-Place

-Moulding & End Matching Equipment

-Log Peeling Machinery & Equipment

-Bold Design Dry Kilns

-Loaders & Forklifts

-Full Mill Work & Fabrication Shop

-Operates DailyContact us for a Complete Sales Package 931-797-6284


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