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If you need knowledge about values relating to forest product machinery and equipment you are visiting the right place. These facilities may include loging and harvesting operations, sawmill and dry kiln facilities as well as hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring facilities.

Kittrell Appraisals are conducted uniform standards of professional appraisal practice or also known as USPAP to produce a certified appraisal that meets federal guidelines. The past 23 years were partially spent working shoulder to shoulder with my father and learning the relationships of the lumber business that are vital to procuring raw materials, manufacturing, and marketing. All these factors should be considered in determining the true value of the asset to be appraised.

Lending institutions generally request an orderly liquidation value along with Fair Market Value as defined by the US Treasury. Insurance underwriters look for replacement costs along with sound or actual cash value. Perhaps you are looking to invest in the lumber business or wish to sell your business to someone who does. Then a business evaluation is a must. I use AICPA standards in conducting business evaluation appraisals.

Perhaps you need a consultation to determine your needs. I have assisted clients with product liability cases, eminent domain proceedings and marketing consultations as well.

I appreciate your time and invite you to give me a call to discuss your specific needs.

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